500KGS Air Hoist is worth a use


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500KGS Air Hoist is worth a use

500KGS Air Hoist is worth a use

500KGS Air Hoist is worth a use, in fact, lifting the industry, we all understand that security is always the most important. In other words, security is 1, if not the 1, behind the product features in how the praise is useless. Explosion-proof gourd is always in the work environment of dangerous gases inside, so when the absolute sloppy choice of products. The advent of our 500KGS Air Hoist, is to give customers peace of mind.

500KGS Air Hoist currently in Germany Weiteng, the company focused on this area of pneumatic hoist. Mainly produced by the compressed air-driven hoist and traffic system. In fact, we have been in the field of pneumatic explosion gourd to do for 50 years, has been recognized by customers, is the most popular series, 500KGS Air Hoist even called the field of aerodynamic experts can not be overemphasized.

500KGS Air Hoist are based on different load capacity and application of different areas to be divided. We not only have the conventional pneumatic environment explosion gourd, at the same time a submarine hoist, the most important thing is that we can also in accordance with customer expectations to customize a range of solutions.

500KGS Air Hoist products are very strong and reliable, even some of the more harsh working environment, we can also be applied. In general, we will be in accordance with the needs of different customers to operate, we have four operating controller to choose from. If you need to move in the lateral direction, you can equip the car to meet the conditions. At present we can choose the car with pneumatic car and manual car.

500KGS Air Hoist is worth a use. We have proven ourselves in more and more industries, including chemical industry, food industry, electroplating factory, power plant, textile industry and so on. The quality of products is very reliable, stable performance, explosion-proof effect, these are the customers choose our important factor.

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