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YS Chain Air Hoist (0.5-6 Ton)

Brand : YS

Product origin : China

Chain Air hoist Description


The lightweight series of air powered chain hoist is available for 1/4, 1/2, and 1 through 6 Tons load capacities. It is designed and intended to meet the needs of fast and adjustable lifting and lowing speed. This hoist has a small body, extremely lightweight, and easily-operated; also featuring in EX certified spark-resistant, anti-corrosive of acid and alkali, and coal dust proof. These advantages make it perfectly fit for fast-paced assembly line, on-site jobs and workstation applications. All these models can be well compatible with our various air-operated trolleys and manual trolleys for added travel ability. 


[1] lightweight: 1/2 - 1/3 weight to that of electric hoists with same capacity.

(eg. 24.0kg weight hoist is able to lift 1.0T in 8m/min under 0.6Mpa ).

[2] EX certified spark-resistant: Level ExⅡ2G c T4 Gb Tamb=-20°C ~ +55°C

[3] Air-operated trolleys: Contact customer service/send inquiries /check our other items for more trolleys information and price.


Heavy-duty 5.0 Ton - 32.0 Ton Air Hoists for mines, assembly line and other extreme enviroments


Pneumatic Chain Hoist Specifications


Technical Parameters (0.2T through 6.0T)
Pressure of compressed air (MPa) 0.6 MPa
Max Lifting Height (Meter) 0 -20 m
Max Loading Capacity (Tons) 0.2T - 6.0T 
Max Lifting Speed (m/min) 9.0 m/min - 1.0 m/min
Max Lowing Speed (m/min) 12.0 m/min - 1.3 m/min
Air Consumption (m³/min) 0.8 m³/min - 2.5 m³/min
Weight of the Hoists (Kgs) 5.0 Kg - 55.0 Kg

Lifting capacity, speed, air consumption is depending on different hoist models.

We can make a custom-based plan to meet your requirements.



Key Features:

Standard features:

Heavy-Duty models Capacities available in  5 Ton through 32.0 Ton  , especially suitable for demanding situations such as mining, heavy constructions & petro industries.

And Lightweight fast-lifting models can offer  0.1 Ton through 6.0 tons  lifting power based on your actual requirement, undoubtly ideal choice for assembly line, on-site jobs and workstation applications.


(we have more than 25 different models air hoists and winches, welcome to contact for more detailed information).

1.  Compact design & Light weight 

     (1/3-1/2 weight compared to electricity powered models.)

2.  Precise load positioning 

     Easy operation. Precision control to centimeters, avoid impacts or collisions.

3.  Excellent fine feathering control 

     Thanking for excellent pilot air control and vane motor.

4.  Adjustable load limiter 

     Lifting stops when the hoist is over-loaded,  better protection on operator and hoists.

5.  Protection against air cutting off 

    Emergency stop is activated when the air is cut off by accident, provide rest-assuring supplementary protection.

6.  Reliable braking system 

     Enclosed heavy-duty disc brake, hand brake, and air cylinder brake available for options

7.  Unlimited duty cycle 

     Allows for high efficiency of work.

8.  Great durability 

     which spares you from complicated major maintenance works

     (you’ll only have to do simple periodic inspections and easy replacement on instructions) 

9.  EX certified Anti-explosive  (level EXⅡ),

     Also featured dust-proof, acid and alkali resistant features for extreme applications.

All models can be well compatible to our associated air-powered trolleys for added mobility. 

Many additional options are available to suit the individual applications and requirement.  



(Why should I trust you?)


Recognized as a leading manufacture in winches & hoists industry with

(over 45 years experiences ), YS provides a wide variety of lifting solutions for industrial applications.


In compliance with (CE, ISO, ABS, EX and API standards ), our products have been market-tested and proven to be durable and reliable by (thousands of clients operating worldwide ) in extreme environments and working conditions, which including mines, heavy constructions, vehicle repairs,  offshore platforms, shipyards, warehouses and petrochemical industry.


pneumatic hoist customization plan making

air winches and air hoists manufacturer certifications


Our extensive product lists are not merely limited to the air-driven hoists or air-driven winches. 

The top quality products include:

- different power-source winches air-powered, electric & hydraulic winches

- a variety of hoists and trolleys with different dynamism, 

- and air starters and a full line of accessories and replacement parts.


Heavy-duty 5.0 Ton-32.0 Ton Air Hoists for mines, assembly line and other extreme enviroments


Rigorous & Thorough inspections is our obligatory standard procedure.

Unless passing through our rigorous & thorough inspections, will the products not carry our YS signature which we take pride of on quality and reputation. Our goal is to provide best possible service that exceeding each customer’s expectations and make you fully concentrated on the core business.

Count on yourself "remotely checking" everything details just like in person. 

During the products inspection process, the machine working video is recorded by camera; thus by which the products can be mutually acceptable, proven and guaranteed to be functioning well and evaluated to be in perfect working status.


petroleum machinery company profile

Exhibition of air starter and air hoists exhibition


Do You Accept Customization?  


Yes we do, obviously we are not hiring R&D team for nothing. if you don’t find what you need in our product lists or if you have any specific requirements for applications such as remote control, low headroom operating or simply the painting color, please, just feel free to consult or send inquiries, we will make a custom-based plan and try to respond ASAP.


customized air winch inspection by an Indian customer coming to our factory




Q. How dong does it take on order processing?

A:  It normally takes 25 days from design to complete production depending on your actual requirements


Q. How will my order be shipped? 

A:  On most occasions they are shipped by sea, but air and express delivery is avaiable for small and urgent orders on your request.


Q. Do you have product warranty and after-sales service?

A:  Absolutely we do, with 1-year comprehensive warranty and lifetime product maintenance assistance service, it is of a no-worries-at-all matter.



Before we can give you a most satisfactory answer

Please, let us know the following things to make our communications very clear:


1. Is it for lifting or pulling purpose? 


2. How much lifting/pulling capacities do you need for applications?


3. What about your enviroment and working conditions?


4. How much rope/chain length do you need?


5. What power source is available to you (Air, Electricity or else)?


6. What kind of addons do you require for specific applications

(eg. remote control, trolleys for mobility or extra rope guider/arranger)

 And please add any other questions you may would like to consult us 


 Heavy-duty 5.0 Ton-32.0 Ton Air Hoists for mines, assembly line and other extreme enviroments

   You're very welcome to send inquiries anytime at your convenience.

  We'll try to respond ASAP in 24 hours with plan. 

  And have a G'day ahead :)

Please feel free to send your inquiries in the form below. We will reply ASAP in 24 hours.
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