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Registered AddNo.201 Shangkuang west road Zhifu District Yantai Shandong China
Type of businessWe offer best lifting solutions for various applications in harsh environments. Our top quality products include but not limited to: Air winches, Air hoists, Air starters & engines, Hydraulic Winches & Hoists, Electric Winches & Hoists etc.
Main MarketGlobal (Mainly in US, Australia, and South America)
BrandYS Safe Power
Number of Employees200
Annual sales20,000,000(USD)
Established in1970
  • Yantai Petroleum Machinery Co., Ltd.

Recognized as a leading manufacturer in winches & hoists industry with over 45 years experiences (since 1970):

"YS" provides a wide variety of lifting solutions for industrial applications, with the effort of collaborating and exchanging ideas with universities and research institutes regularly, the company has drafted numerous industry standards and achieved a number of national patents, as well as all kinds of international lifting industry certifications.

Accordingly, we have been authorized to build a national secondary measuring room and a research and development centre, and thus we are awarded and honored by Chinese government authorities as “high-tech enterprises”, “municipal technological center”, “brand-name products”, “famous trademark”and etc each-pursuing titles.

air winches compressed air equipments

Since 2009 we have brought in a new series of CNC and other testing equipments, by which our manufacturing production capacity of Air-operated winches and Air-operated hoists has significantly increased; meanwhile highest standard of quality and working performance is100% ensured.

winch with air compressor

In compliance with CE, ISO, CCS, DNV, ATEX, ABS, EX, and API verification standards, our products have been market-tested and proven to be durable and reliable by (thousands of our clients operating worldwide)in extreme environment and working conditions, which including but is not limited to mines, heavy constructions, vehicle repairs,  offshore platforms, shipyards, warehouses and petrochemical industry.

pneumatic winches factory

air winches factory customer visit

Extensive product lists not merely limited to pneumatic winches & hoists.

Our top quality products line include :

1. (I) Air-powered winches, (II) Air-powered hoists, and (III) Air-powered trolleys.

2. (I) Electric winches(II) Electric hoists and (III) compatible Electric hoist trolleys

3.  Air motors & Air starters with a full line of accessories and replacement parts.

anti explosive air winch

Rigorous & Thorough inspections is our obligatory standard procedure 

Unless passing through our rigorous & thorough inspections, will the products not carry our YS signature which we take pride of on quality and reputation. Our goal is to provide best possible service that exceeding each customer’s expectations and make you fully concentrated on the core business.

Count on yourself "remotely checking" everything details just like in person. 

During the products inspection process, the machine working video is recorded by camera; thus by which the products can be mutually acceptable, proven and guaranteed to be functioning well and evaluated to be in perfect working status.

whiches with compressed air customization accept

Do You Accept Customization ( All of your lifting equipments )?  

Yes we do, obviously we are not hiring R&D team for nothing. 

If you don’t find what you need in our product lists or if you have any specific requirements for applications such as remote control, low headroom operating or simply the painting color, please, just feel free to consult or send inquiries. We will make a custom-based plan and get back to you ASAP.

pneumatic winches with compressor


Q. How long does it take on order processing?
A:  It normally takes 25 days from design to complete production depending on your actual requirements
Q. How will my order be shipped? 
A:  On most occasions goods are shipped by sea; air and express delivery, however, is avaiable for small and urgent orders on your request.
Q. Do you have product warranty and after-sales service?
A:  Absolutely we do, with 1-year comprehensive warranty and lifetime product maintenance assistance service, it is of 

a no-worries-at-all matter.

Before we give you a most satisfactory answer
You may want to let us know the followings to make our communication very efficient:

1. Is it for  lifting or pulling  purpose? 
2. How much  lifting/pulling capacities  do you need for applications? 
3. What about your  enviroment  and working conditions?
4. How much  rope/chain length  do you need?
5. What  power source  is available to you? (Air, electricity or else)
6. What kind of  addons  do you require for specific applications
(eg. remote control, cylinder brake for air winches and trolleys or extra rope guider/arranger)

  And any other details you may would like to add in.  

  Please, feel free to send your inquiries anytime at convenience, 

  We will try to respond ASAP in 24 hours with plan.

Please feel free to send your inquiries in the form below. We will reply ASAP in 24 hours.
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